The Penthouse Group offers a full range of design, rapid prototyping, manufacturing and distribution services to our global clients. Drawing on our proven record of innovation and expertise, spanning more than 71 years, we collaborate with your team as your trusted partner to meet all your requirements.

Our strategic approach to manufacturing, along with our established relationships and global resources, make The Penthouse Group an industry pacesetter in strategic supply chain integration. When utilized, Service Level Execution Agreements with our clients provide a number of significant benefits:

  • Shortened Lead Times – Our in-house design and production capabilities, our investment in stock and custom tooling, our access to unique raw materials, and our dynamic production schedule allow us to deliver superior-quality goods in a shorter period of time.
  • Lower Minimum Order Quantities – Our automated technology and our large inventory of standardized raw materials, carton sizes and carton counts reduce your inventory costs while allowing you to respond rapidly to market fluctuations. With our state-of-the-art facilities located around the world, we offer scalable production and delivery.
  • Improved Costs – Using Value Analysis, we work continuously to reduce costs for our clients, particularly on in-line items that face cost pressure from their customers.
  • Streamlined Delivery – Our close relationships with global freight brokers, freight consolidators, and shippers enable us to offer best-in-class service and delivery options, ensuring efficient and cost-effective delivery anywhere around the world.

Research & Development

The cosmetics industry is constantly evolving because of the introduction of new ingredients, manufacturing techniques and the resulting new formulas. These new formulas often require state of the art solutions such as new tools, applicators and packaging to deliver these products to consumers in unique and meaningful ways.

The Penthouse Group has consistently set and led the pace in bringing fresh ideas and solutions to our clients. As our expertise and relationships expand, we continue to travel the globe in furtherance of our commitment to sourcing unique materials, innovative solutions and the latest technologies.

Our dedication to innovation, research and development has allowed us to offer innovative new products, enhanced production methods and cost-efficient solutions. Beyond industry trade recognition, we are proud that a number of our products have received patents throughout the world.

Product Design

Product design is an indispensable element of a client’s brand. Our close relationships and decades of experience allow us to work seamlessly with your product design, quality, testing, production and marketing teams to bring your new products to market.

Located just outside New York City, we can be on site at your facility within one business day. We travel regularly throughout the United States, South America, Europe and Asia.

We offer full design capabilities, rapid prototyping and three-dimensional model-making. Our in-house ability and rapid turnaround are integral to keeping your product development timeline on schedule. Along with our automated manufacturing solutions we consistently deliver finished goods on time for launch and within budget. The Penthouse Group’s proven ability to develop and deliver on an abbreviated time schedule has successfully supported numerous launches.

Custom Manufacturing

Custom manufacturing is the process of making products based upon the customer’s unique set of specifications. These products may vary by materials, size, decoration, packaging or a host of other options. Our flexibility allows our clients to create any type of product within your design criteria. The Penthouse Group has in-house engineering teams and tooling capabilities to build custom machinery, molds, dies and tooling.

As a result, we offer an unparalleled collaborative development process to our clients. We listen carefully to your requirements to create prototype samples for your testing and evaluation. With vertically integrated manufacturing facilities around the world, we can turn around custom samples and modifications very quickly, keeping projects on schedule.

Once prototypes are approved, we excel at manufacturing finished items consistently and accurately, to designated specifications and approved standards. This is true of small runs of 5,000 units, as well as larger runs of 10,000,000 or more. We are proud that our clients look to us when consistent quality and timely delivery are critical.

In the internet age market forces often create sudden, significant surges in demand. The Penthouse Group collaborates with our clients to build additional capacity into production planning, offering suggestions and options to meet unanticipated market needs and minimize disruption to your growing sales.

Stock Cosmetic Packaging

The Penthouse Group offers a complete line of stock packaging for all market segments of the cosmetic and personal care industry. From lipstick cases to compacts, tubes, jars and containers, our stock packaging collection offers the components that meet your needs. Stock packaging offers faster development and introduction to the market and the benefits of lower pricing and ready availability. For applying brand identity, popular custom decorating options include hot-stamping, silk-screening, embossing, ink pad-printing, UV spray-coating, anodizing and other processes.

Specialized Packaging and Fulfillment

The Penthouse Group has dedicated global production areas for hand assembly, secondary packaging and kitting, labeling, and fulfillment operations, all customizable to your specifications. All such services are streamlined by our computerized systems for labeling, barcoding, and electronic data interchange. Scheduled or just-in-time drop shipping may be arranged to your local retail outlets or distribution points. We look forward to meeting your requirements.