About Us

Founded in 1952, The Penthouse Group is today the global leader in cosmetic applicators and accessories. Having helped shape the modern American cosmetic industry, we continue to lead the way with revolutionary new materials, global networks, sophisticated technology and award-winning design. The world’s largest cosmetics manufacturers continue to seek us out for unmatched quality, reliability, and fair business practices.


In 1952, the American cosmetics industry was poised to explode. After the privations of wartime, women everywhere clamored for the color lipstick, nail polish and make-up that defined Hollywood glamor. Jack Ostrower, a New York City tannery expert with a specialty in lamb’s wool, was ready to play his part.

In the mid-1960s, The Penthouse Group developed and introduced a revolutionary new product: foam-tipped applicators for eye shadow. Billions have been produced, and today the applicator is the industry standard worldwide.

Beginning in the 1980s, the company began partnering with leading-edge companies in Japan and elsewhere to introduce new products to the American market. The first was a unique cosmetic sponge of a synthetic latex blend called Yukilon®.

Introduced with the first Wet-Dry make-up by Revlon, Yukilon® revolutionized the U.S. cosmetic market as the first long-lasting, oil-resistant, antibacterial-treated and hypoallergenic cosmetic sponge. A proprietary blend exclusive to The Penthouse Group, Yukilon® has been often imitated but never duplicated, and remains the world leader today. Later introductions have included new generations of sponges; natural and synthetic-hair brushes; grooming tools and kits; luxury cosmetic packaging, tubes and components by Yoshino of Japan; and cost-efficient stock cosmetic packaging.

Today, The Penthouse group is a global leader in innovation and quality manufacturing, proudly serving the largest and most sophisticated cosmetic companies in the world.

Quality Commitment

At The Penthouse Group, quality is not just a process; it is our culture. Our reputation for consistency of product and accuracy of delivery truly sets us apart from the competition.

Our dedicated, fully independent Quality Teams receive specialized training in testing, analysis and record keeping, as well as the specific needs of our clients. The Quality Team has direct authority from senior management through all divisions to ensure unbiased evaluation of all products and processes.

What’s more, a commitment to quality pervades the organization from the top down. All employees, from upper management through line workers, are trained and involved in the Quality process to ensure that the highest standards in raw materials, works in process, finished goods and outgoing quality inspections are met.

Clients are involved in our Quality Process as well, through plant visits, audits and regular interaction with our Quality Teams. As a result, we have earned numerous Quality Awards and Certifications that allow us to deliver directly to our clients’ production lines, eliminating the need for separate inspections on- or off-site. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO certified and follow GMP guidelines established by the FDA for cosmetic products; all are regularly audited by the largest global consumer products companies and inspection agencies to ensure compliance.