The Penthouse Group remains the oldest and most established manufacturer of cosmetic tools in North and South America. Our full line of innovative products is manufactured to the highest levels of quality, performance, and social responsibility.

From a global perspective, Penthouse is the world leader in cosmetic sponge technology, innovation and manufacturing. Our ISO 9001:2015 factories (Japan, China, and Thailand) produce some of the industry’s most exciting and successful new products, including many that are available nowhere else in the world.


Tera® and Tera Venus® Sponges

3D Blender Sponges

Cosmetic Sponges

Powder Puffs

Implements and Beauty Tools

Bath Products

Cosmetic Brushes

Yoshino Cosmetic Packaging

Katsushika Cosmetic Packaging

ERZI Flocked Applicatiors

Eyeshadow Applicators